spring 2019

Housewife Skateboards finally has skateboards!


Freshly pressed & printed decks

The new Housewife decks were made in Atlanta, Georgia by Drifter Skate Company. They feature a classic popsicle shape with medium concave and a width of 8.25.” The top plys come in assorted different colors… not just puke yellow. There is the Hairy Legged Besty graphic printed on top so you can choose to cut out your grip so her unshaven legs peek through, or you can cover her up for decency.


Hairy Legged Betsy T-shirts

And of course there are some crispy white t-shirts with the Hairy Legged Betsy graphic on them. They are 100% cotton and come in multiple sizes. You can roll the sleeves like a real Housewife ready to cook some cake or go for a sweaty skate.


Skateboard School Long Sleeves

In this hypothetical world of shreddin’ Housewife ladies, our best gal Betsy would probably host a skateboarding school behind the local luncheonette. Black long sleeves of this graphic coming soon!