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How it all started…

Everyone and their mom has a skateboard company these days. In 2017, I wanted to create a female focused skate company that edgy, rugged, and witty women could identity with. I fantasized about this narrative that critiqued 1950’s housewife culture and brought it into an unapologetic context. What if these bored out of their mind housewives called each other up and said, “Yo Betsy, are you tryna’ shred later?”

It started out with a couple different DIY hand screen-printed t-shirts, vinyl stickers, buttons, and clothing tags. While working at Kayrock Screenprinting Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I was able to continue to screen print on a more than just t-shirts. I experimented with bandanas, tote bags, and hoodies. Then, the next step was getting boards, because what’s a skateboard company without some solid Canadian maple? So, I got my first batch of boards made at Drifter Skate in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mission Statement

Housewife Skateboards is a skateboard and lifestyle company aimed towards female skateboarders. It steers away from the fruity, pink, cutesy, childish aesthetic that the female action sports industry is infested with. But don't worry boys, you can wear Housewife gear too!

Thanks for your support along the way! I'd appreciate any feedback, suggestions or critiques! 


Charlotte Tegen